Mother's Day Shop Update NOW LIVE!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you update the shop?

As we are currently part-time potters alongside university and our main jobs, we try and update every few months. Stock counts can vary depending on how much we have been able to do. We often try to update a couple of weeks before large events such as Christmas and Mother's Day. 

Where do you ship to? 

We currently ship to Great Britain and have recently expanded to shipping to the USA. We hope one day to share our ceramics with everyone.

I got charged custom charges, can you refund me the difference?

We are not responsible for any custom charges for imports into the US. Apologies but its what comes with coming from another continent.

Can I come collect? 

At the moment, collecting from us is allowed. We are always pleased to see you, just phone the number in the email you get when you have made a collect order. We can then organise a time for you to collect.

How do I give a gift card to a friend ? 

To give a gift card as a present to a friend, start at the gift card page. You can find this in the menu at the top of the page. Choose the value of your gift card and go through the checkout as if you were buying it for yourself. You will be sent an email with the gift card code, simply forward this email on to your friend. They can then use the code to redeem against goods in our shop when they get to the checkout. They keep any money left over on the card and can use it against any future purchases.

I ordered multiple orders, can you group them together? 

We often read all orders and so if you have multiple orders we will group together. Shipping charge is based on weight and so when collated, we refund any additional costs. However, to ship the US, it is more cost effiecient if there are more than 4 mugs, to be sent as 2 packages due to weight.

Can I put your ceramics in the dishwasher? 

Majority of our ceramics are dishwasher safe AND microwaveable. We specify individually on each product page and specifically highlight if they are not (usually due to gold lustre). 

This is for a friend, can I include a gift message? 

We love to write personalised messages for you and you can get in contact with us to let us know what you'd like that to be. This can be through our instagram handle or email us at least the day after any of our shop updates (we don't want it lost in our email pile). If we don't reply, that unfortunately is because we have somehow missed it, don't hesitate to send a follow up message!